We inform you when tech observes you

FORTYEIGHT reveals the observations made about you by technology. Be informed with smart notifications, insights and accuracy reviews that put you in control.
FORTYEIGHT informing a person when they are observed by artificial intelligence and facial recognition

Next‚ÄĎgeneration digital transparency that helps build trust in the future.

Explore the observations made about you by social media, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, facial recognition and more...
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FORTYEIGHT is building a vision for the future, for the people that care today

Chiara (Munich, Germany)
‚ÄúI never realised what tech knew about me‚ÄĚ
until I started using FORTYEIGHT Observer. It’s facinating to learn how websites change the content recommended to me in ways I never even realised was possible.
Chiara (Munich, Germany)
Marcin (Poland)
‚ÄúEveryone is talking about digital privacy‚ÄĚ
but this is the first time I’ve seen an app that balances digital privacy with transparency that helps me understand the positive and negative effects of the technology I use every day.
Marcin (Poland)
Adhya (London, UK)
‚ÄúIt‚Äôs like my Apple Health app‚ÄĚ
but instead of insights on my exercise habits, I’m shown how my browsing habits affect what companies think about me, with an opportunity to correct them and improve my digital life.
Adhya (London, UK)

Developer API

Secure, privacy‚ÄĎpreserving, enterprise API that helps developers instantly build trust in cutting‚ÄĎedge AI/ML digital experiences.
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