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At the intersection of AI, human rights and consent

FORTYEIGHT makes technology more human by helping it to learn from its mistakes and make better choices. By informing a person each time they've been observed by artificial intelligence or other next-generation technology, and giving them an opportunity to correct incorrect observations, our digital twin helps organisations and governments build trust while protecting the human rights of our AI generation.

Launched in 2020, FORTYEIGHT received Innovate UK funding to extend its innovative platform to help make the technology required to combat COVID-19 more transparent. Deployed across two continents in collaboration with some of the world’s most recognised brands including Twilio Inc. and Formula 1, FORTYEIGHT has also received global recognition from Virgin’s “Collective Impact” programme as one of their top ten purpose-led startups.

Helping build a digital ecosystem that better provides adequate protection of fundamental human rights is crucial to the freedom and betterment of our emerging AI generation. Transparency sits at the heart of this future. By helping every person to become more informed of the witting, and unwitting effect technology has on them we can build a more empowered society for all.

Nicholas Oliver
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Nicholas Oliver, Founder
Nicholas Oliver
Amir Klaus, Advisor
Amir Klaus
Giles Palmer, Investor Director
Giles Palmer
Investor Director

FORTYEIGHT is built for tomorrow

Working with organisations and governments to build momentum towards a more empowered and informed digital society will benefit billions of people around the globe.
We realise much of our vision exists in a view of the future that some share with us, while many others may not. If you are one of those thinkers, do‑ers or visionaries that shares our vision - join us.
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FORTYEIGHT is built for tomorrow