An introduction to FORTYEIGHT for Businesses

This article provides an introduction to the FORTYEIGHT vision and product, and how it can be used to help reduce risk, increase accuracy and build trust in next-gen technology.

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FORTYEIGHT is a fast-growth “transparency-as-a-service” platform that sits at the emerging intersection of artificial intelligence, human rights and consent. Since launching in 2020, our TaaS platform has been integrated with global partners ranging from SMEs to Enterprise, including BIRD Restaurants, Twilio Inc, EMIS Health, Formula 1 and Brandwatch.

“We’re on a mission to help people understand the observations made about them by technology, so that we can begin the work on understanding how, and why, we make the decisions that we do, both as individuals and as a society.”
Nicholas Oliver, FORTYEIGHT


FORTYEIGHT help organisations and governments to inform a person each time they’ve been observed by artificial intelligence, facial recognition and other types of technological surveillance. Once informed, end-users (consumers) can instantly access their observation history using the FORTYEIGHT app on desktop, tablet and mobile (no download required) and even review / improve the accuracy of the observations being made about them.


By using FORTYEIGHT to inform a person when you've made an observation about them, and allowing them to review / improve the accuracy of the observation, organisations and governments can reduce risk, increase accuracy and build trust. Integration with FORTYEIGHT's TaaS platform helps mitigate the reputational and legal risks associated to the automated profiling and data processing behind many of today's websites and apps; while creating the valuable training data that improves algorithmic accuracy, leading to better user experience and reduced discrimination or bias.


FORTYEIGHT's business platform provides organisations and governments with a SaaS Dashboard and Enterprise APIs that help them to inform end-users each time an observation has been made. Each time your website, app or other technology has made an observation about a person (e.g "Visitor X is interested in Tennis") it simply notifies FORTYEIGHT using our Enterprise APIs or using a CSV upload in our dashboard.

Our privacy-preserving automation then matches that observation with the correct person and informs them in real-time using the FORTYEIGHT app. Once informed, the user can then review each observation and improve its accuracy using our 'Accuracy Review' feature, helping ensure your technology is trained correctly and able to provide the best, most accurate experience to the end-user.

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Nicholas Oliver

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